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On 1 February, I tweeted an extract of a farewell email I sent to my work colleagues on my last day. It received 100 times more interest than any of my previous 12,000 tweets over 10 years! UK academic Rupert Read encouraged me to write about what I’d done in The City and why I’d quit, so here goes…

Until last month, I was employed by a socially progressive, not-for-profit, improving the financial security of millions. Daily contact with talented, enthusiastic colleagues, at futuristic offices in London’s financial district. …

This are just a few thoughts I wanted to get down after being blocked on Twitter by the eminent climatologist, Dr. Michael E Mann.

I’m sure Dr. Mann (author of “The Hockey Stick and Climate Wars”) is well used to blocking Twitter trolls on the climate denying right wing but I consider myself broadly in agreement with Dr. Mann, as a former banker who gave up my career in late 2018 to volunteer full time for Extinction Rebellion UK (for the last 18 months I have led their Finance Team). I think we’d both agree we’re in a Climate Emergency.

Theatre world rocked by the revelation that Extinction Rebellion arrestee is starring in ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, the new pantomime by former Blue Peter presenter, Peter Duncan

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Proof of just how close Medhurst got to Peter Duncan** © Andrew Medhurst

** It is recommended that you get children involved by cheering every mention of Peter Duncan, Extinction Rebellion/XR and Julian Assange and booing any mention of Boris Johnson, Priti Patel or The S*n.

The Murdoch-owned tabloid, The S*n**, has this morning broken the story that one of the stars of a new filmed pantomime is no less than, Katharine (‘Kate’) Medhurst, an Extinction Rebellion** (‘XR’) activist (and she doesn’t play either the baddie…

Presentation to Ecologi’s “It’s Time: A festival of climate action” by Andrew Medhurst, Extinction Rebellion volunteer and former HSBC, Lloyds Bank and NEST Corporation employee — 18 November 2020

Video of the speech can be viewed here on YouTube.

One Saturday in late 2018, I sat in the road on Waterloo Bridge, London to block the traffic for a few hours. Six weeks later I resigned a well-paid position with one of the UK’s largest pension companies, NEST, to volunteer for Extinction Rebellion. Over the following nine months, I was arrested three times by the Metropolitan Police.

What caused such…

One of the reasons I resigned from a thirty year career in the City was because I worked in pensions.

For the wealthy in the latter stages of their working life, perhaps someone I used to be, you’d be mad not to take advantage of generous tax breaks and carry forward rules. Our ‘business as usual’ economy only has to last a few more years to generate a nice little nest egg for one’s retirement (money that might otherwise end up in the hands of the taxman).

But what about our younger generations? Already leaving university weighed down with student…

I literally wept down the telephone speaking to my Dad on the morning of Friday 8 May 2015…

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I think this is a man to be on ‘your side’…

I was tired (having stayed up all night to watch the election results) but the reason for my tears was an election result which seemed to suggest a society that lacked any hope for the future (at least outside of Scotland). And the polling had not prepared me for the possibility of a Conservative majority of 12 when another hung parliament seemed the most likely outcome which could have given Ed Miliband the keys to 10 Downing Street.

Two years later, and…

On 7 November 2019 I stood trial with another rebel for a public order offence (failure to move when asked from Waterloo Bridge in the early hours of 16 April 2019 during Extinction Rebellion protests). This is my closing defence statement…

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It’s ironic that I stand here today as a defendant in the City of London Magistrates Court just across the road from the former Head Office of Midland Bank which I joined as a graduate trainee in 1987. That was the start of a 30-year career in financial services that included:

  • almost 20 years with HSBC in London plus…

Firstly, this post is very little to do with Brexit but many of the themes may have contributed to the current state of political and media debate about the UK’s departure from the EU.

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I don’t consider this to be that well written — it’s basically a rant when I had promised myself I’d sit down and watch yesterday’s Match of Day, with a cup of coffee after a full on week volunteering for Extinction Rebellion. I need a break but I must write this because “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore”

Andrew Medhurst

Former investment banker who decided the climate and ecological disaster demanded he volunteer full-time with Extinction Rebellion.

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